Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fall is in the Air!

I love Spring and Fall and wish they would last as long as Summer and Winter do!
I love the increased feelings of gratitude this time of year... for the bounty of life we enjoy! There is a family who puts free veggies from their garden out by the road (on the way to the kids school each day). I love grabbing a squash or two! They are so nice and their acts of kindness and thoughtfulness make me want to do better each day!

We love putting the "fall decor leaves" on our handrails and everywhere else we can find to drape the leaves:)!

Our porch decor is getting trashed:(...

Fall also means back to school which means "falling" for the school clothes!

I didn't even know what TOMS shoes were really before this fall. They actually are pretty comfy...but you still have to pay half Mikelle:)!

The leaves get me every time! Beautiful!

Sharpening Our Skills!

Part of my new position at the hospital is to help run our annual "skills day" where we pass off our co-workers on the latest skills, requirements, and updates. We run it on 2 days; once at AF and again in Provo! It is a great time to see all my "Valley Girls"(former co-workers) at Utah Valley Regional!
Writing down all of the things that are wrong with the scenario is always a fun station:). You have got to love the obvious things like the O2 tubing around the baby manikin's face:).

Another scenario that had a few "obvious answers!"

OK we get it!

I am so glad I had the opportunity to go to Nursing School! I love this job and everyone I work with! I have been very blessed!

Ward Campout!

We were able to go up to our ward camp out the last weekend in September. Steve had to finish some things at work so me and the kids pitched the tent!
The kids are all so helpful!

One family made yummy scones for everyone up there!

Mikelle and Madi meet up!

The boys had a ball running through the trees with all of the other boys!

Catching up with our new neighbors!

Bishop and his handsome grandson!

Around the campfire with Steve! Lots of fun! Some of us may or may not have actually slept the night there:)! Fun times! I love the crisp mountain air and the peaceful feeling up there!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Melanie's Happily Ever After!

Sept 23, 2010 was the day our beloved co-worker, Melanie rode off into the sunset with her Prince Charming! It was so fun to help at her reception and be part of her big day!
We all just pitched in and helped "cater" the event for her!

Julie and Missy hard at work!

By "we" catering...I really mean helping Rhianne! She organized the whole set-up! She is an amazing co-worker and person!

Mel and Sheri!

Esther & family!

My little side-kick insisted on coming and "helping" the whole night! I drilled her before that she had to be good and I didn't have time to bring her home during it etc. and she agreed!

She was especially good at helping to monitor the "take home a bag of candy table; making sure no "bratty" kids came and dumped to candy or touched everything etc:)!

We are so happy for you Mel! What an awesome day!

Mama D Celebrates 75 Years!

We met up Provo Canyon in September of 2010 to gather with the Dimonds. We were able to celebrate Mom's 75th B-day! What a wonderful family and legacy Mom & Dad Dimond have created!
The leaves were breathtaking! I returned to the canyon like a week later to try and check out the leaves again for a family picture taking spot and the color was gone! It looked like a whole different scene. We are so glad we were able to be there with all the beauty for the party though!

Steve shot a picture of this spot thinking it also looked good for pictures some day:)
Is it too obvious that I love pictures? I want to remember everything in life and pictures seem to do it for me!

I loved Judy's sweater and how it went with the leaves and made them pose:).

We tried to duplicate...but the black outfits don't quite do it:). We have got to branch out in the fashion department:)!

We were all goo-goo and ga-ga over Aimee's new Ethan! He is SO cute!

He and Grandma Judy know how to work the fall colors!

Mikelle & Steffi always love catching up with each other!

Uncle Joe & cousin Mark!

Mark & Steffi!

Michelle is so cute preggers too!

Cameron's face cracks me up! Quite the little ham we have!

Roping the boys in for a pic!

The girls don't mind the pictures as much:)!

Christian was off to play in the water!

The cousins found a great place to play! Aunt Karen was having fun playing with them and supervising!

Kennedy wishes she could marry cousin Sam and she loves making him play with her!

Kari's cuteness passes on to her kids! Awww!!

Tim and Renae always making the trek down from Idaho! We love you guys!

Since their whole family was there, we snapped their picture! They are all so awesome!

Mom & Dad plus all their kids and spouses! What a great family to be a part of!

Until we meet again!...